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Draft Agenda – Annual General Meeting – Monday 4th March

Annual General Meeting 2013

The AGM for the Friends of Oystermouth Castle will be held….

Monday 4th March
7.00pm – 9.00pm
Ostreme Centre


Events In 2012

Introduction: Notable Events

A Olympic Torch at Castle
B Re-opening of Castle – Winner of Best Outdoor Event
C V.A.Q.A.S. Award (Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance Scheme)
D Publication of Official Guide Book
E Publication of Calendar
F Christmas Buffet
G Carol Service in Castle

1 School and Group Visits: Guided Tours and Presentations
2 Exhibitions in Visitor Centre
3 Glamorgan – Gwent Archaeological Trust Ltd. Final Report
4 Oystermouth Castle Web Site
5 Treasurer’s Report and Stewards Rota
6 Progress Report                   CCS Spokesperson
7 Opening Date – 30th March 2013
8 Forthcoming Events
9 Introduction opportunity for new Stewards





Guides: Roger Parmiter – Tel: 428722, David Atherton, Dai Blatchford




Gwyrosydd Primary Tues. 17th April am
Gwyrosydd Primary Thurs. 19th April am
Morriston Comprehensive Thurs. 28th June am Mr. Evans
Cila Primary Thurs. 5th July am Sue Brice
St David’s R.C Primary Thurs. 19th July am
Oystermouth Primary Tues. 11th Sept am Julie Jospeh
Rhigos Primary Tues 11th Sept pm Rachel Miles
Knelston Primary Thurs 4th Oct am Karen Pendry
Gendros Primary Thurs. 25th Oct am Karen Andrew


Czechoslovakian Study Group Mon 16th January pm
New Castle Stewards – Induction Tour Wed 23rd May pm
Glamorgan History Society – Guided Tour Thurs 5th July pm
Foreign Exchange Visit (50 French students) Mon 9th July
Foreign Exchange Visit (100 Spanish Students) Fri 13th July pm
Reynoldston Community Centre Association Mon 16th July pm
Open House – Civic Trust for Wales Sat 8th Sep am/pm
Sun 9th Sep am/pm
Swansea Metropolitan University Fri 12th Oct am/pm





Probus – Swansea Vivian Hall 1st May Bob Cuthill
Probus – Mumbles B.C.Y.C Mumbles 21st May Nick Hughes
Reynoldston Comm. Comm. Centre 22nd May Angela Bending
Murton W.I Comm. Centre 12th Sep Sandra Presdee
Probus Vivian Hall 25th Sep Bernard Hex
West Cross Comm. Comm. Centre 12th Oct Lynne Evans
Clydach Hist. Soc. Comm. Centre 16th Nov Philip Hale


Events In 2013

Sat. 28th Jan. Group visit to Caerphilly Castle
Fri. 9th March “Friends” A.G.M At Ostreme Hall
Sun. 27th May Olympic Torch at Castle
Thurs. 31st May “World Host” Customer Service – Training Workshop
Sat. 16th June Re-Opening of Oystermouth Castle
Sun. 1st July Lifelong Learning Students – “Fine Art Printmakers” Exhibition
Fri.6th July “Swansea Life” Awards Ceremony – Winner of best outdoor event.
Fri. 20th July Publication of official Oystermouth Castle Guide Book
Sat. 21st July Archaeology Day at Oystermouth Castle
Tues. 24th July V.A.Q.A.S Award (Welsh Verified Attractions Award)
Sun. 29th July Living History Display with Gwerin Y Gwyr and Ostreme Players.
July Oystermouth Castle 2013 Calendar Published
Wed. 1st August West Cross and Mumbles photographic Society Exhibition
Sat. 4th August Dungeons and Dragons Day – summer event
Sun. 19th August Living History Display with Gwerin Y Gwyr and Ostreme Players
Sat. 1st September Dan Santillo Photographic Exhibition
Sat 8th September “Open doors” Civic Trust for Wales
Sun 9th September “Open doors” Civic Trust for Wales
Sat 8th December “Friends” Christmas Buffet
Sun 9th December Christmas Event at Oystermouth Castle



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